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Welcome to First!

I hope you find all that you are looking for. As you browse, you'll see a church passionately committed to Christ Jesus our Lord and ardently engaged in studying the Scriptures. You'll see a church reaching into our city and world with the love of Jesus. You'll see a church full of people who love each other through thick and thin. You'll see a church ready to welcome new faces. You'll see, I dearly hope, a church with a vision to go Deeper into Christ and Further into the World. Let us know if that's what you find!

Blessings in Christ,

Gerrit Dawson
Senior Pastor

Come worship with us!

Sunday Worship Times:

7.45 am - Chapel Communion Service - Dunham Chapel
9 am - Contemporary  Service - Sanctuary
11 am - Classic Reformed Worship - Sanctuary
11 am - Acoustic Communion Service - Dunham Chapel

Please see the church calendar for the occasional single combined worship.

8.45-9.45 am Chapel Service Sunday School immediately following the 7:45 service.
10.15-11.00 am Sunday School for all ages.