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Flood Donation Thank You Letters

There is no way we could ever express our thankfulness and gratitude to you all. There are no words to accurately describe the feeling of hope and possibilities that you all have given myself and my husband with your works and gift of money. 

Pat and Jeannette Patterson


Tom and I can't express our sincere appreciation for the generous gift from the church to help our recovery from the recent flooding. The check was a tremendous and completely unexpected surprise. Our first reaction was that we didn't need this wonderful offering. However, as we progres (or rather, attempt to progress), we recognize how helpful this generous gift will come in for us. 


We are so blessed to be part of such a giving and generous body of Christ. From the numerous people who came to help in "gutting"our home, to the families who made us dinners, to this unbelievable gift. God has so blessed us through all of this in so many ways. 

Lee and Tom Ferriss


David and I want to thank you for the financial assistance you provided us and all the prayers, help, food, laundry, etc–at a much needed time in our lives. I don't know how we would have made it without our "family" at FPC. You all brought together teams that were so organized and provided so many needed supplies. The help was also wonderful–so many people came to our house to help pack the good things and trhouw out the damaged things–some of them I didn't even know!

David and Cathy Pugsley


We are stunned by the generosity of our church! So much so that we find ourselves going back again and again to reread your letter to assure us that we are not victims of some prank! I find that there just aren't any "Thank You" cards on the Hallmark aisle in the Walgreens for this kind of generosity.


We can only endeavor to accept this gift borne of faith, hope and charity with deep Christian humility.

Debra and John Ayres


Words do not adequately convey the emotions contained in the letter and more than generous aid to rebuilding. We knew First Pres was a caring church to those in need in Baton Rouge and Louisiana and around the world. We also never thought our personal nees would fall into that category. 


We are deeply touched and so appreciative of the chruch's outpouring of love for us. We are grateful to the Lord for sparing us and giving us a church home that cares so much.

Ruth Anne and Bart Bennett


During the flood our malbox went with the water and the the letter from First Pres was the first mail we received in our new mailbox.


Over whelmed is what we felt as we sat in lawn chairs looking back at our yard and pordch strewn with tools, linens, blankets and clothes. We opened and read the letter frm you and First Pres and just cried and cried. It was such a beautiful letter and an extraordinary gift!


You said, "Your church family eagerly desires you to accept this gift for resettlement in your home. No strings attached. Just a tangible expression of the faith and love that Jesus Christ has given us. Therse words and the gift was so humbling and wonderful. We felt God's love and presence through his people at First Pres. 

Katy and Burney Morgan


We have what's most important–the love of God, the family that God has blessed us with, and of course, each other... and the "family" of First Pres has truly gone out of its way to be a part of our family as well.

Betty and Carl Carnaggio


It was heartbreaking to have our home, that we have built together for 37 years, be destroyed by the flood. I wasn't sure how, but I knew we would be fine. We have been surrounded by people who love us. We have been loved, cared for, and protected by family and friends.  


We want to thank you for the incredibly generous gift. We couldn't believe our eyes–we were amazed! Gerrit speaks often of thelove of the family of our church. We are blessed to know the love and care of that wonderful church family. 


Kelly and Ken Mizell


We are so very grateful for the generous donation to Heritage Ranch Christian Children's Home; thank you. Your generosity, and that of so many others like you, are making it possible to rebuild and restore the lives of our residents and families. 


Our ministry equips young people in crisis to make wiser choices, achieve academically, thrive emotionally, and mature spiritually, resulting in productive lives that benefit themselves, their families, and the community at large. 

Vicki Ellis, LCSW
Executive Director, Heritage Ranch Christian Children's Home


Words cannot express our gratitude for all that you all at First Presbyterian Church have done for us at Abounding Love Ministries. We see you all walk out the Scriptures which say, "Love not in word only but in deeds and in truth." Your team is a true reflection of the heart of God and the example that Jesus set forth as a servant.


Our time with you all, 50 On 50 or more has been nothing less than a gift from God. We do hope that our presence with you all has been as rewarding as what we feel yours has been to us!! We have worked together and worshipped together and I believe that we all are being made better because of it! It was such an honor to minister in your pulpit. May the Lord continue to richly reward you all!!

Abounding in Him,
Adaine and Albert White, Abounding Love Ministries