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Quest Preteen (4th & 5th Grades)

Come, O children...I will teach you the fear of the Lord. Psalm 34: 11

Quest: 4th and 5th Grade

The preteen years are formative and tumultuous years for many. In Quest, we recognize the preteens' need to be acknowledged as different and separate from the "little kids." We also recognize that they are capable of a higher level of relationship and spiritual growth. Therefore, they are on a quest for a new level of understanding and knowledge.
Children are in this class for 2 years (4th and 5th grade). It gives them a chance to gain a trusting relationship with our teachers and become comfortable with peers. We have a Quest boys class and a Quest girls class. We separate them so that the children feel more comfortable at this age sharing on faith-related topics and can develop relationships with their peers, etc.
We strive to impress upon our preteens the following concepts:
THE GOSPEL - It is important for us to know and understand God's redemptive story and to find our place in it. It is important to learn the need for our Savior Jesus Christ.
RELATIONSHIP - It is God's plan for us to have relationship with him and with each other. During the preteen years, when our kids are trying to navigate changing relationships with family and friends, we want them to know that God's love never changes and he is our true "BFF."
TRUTH - While the world is filled with relativism, we want our preteens to enter their adolescence knowing where to go for real truth - the Bible. Our prayer and mission is for this age group to learn to love Christ before all things!


Another way we treat our preteens special is by giving them their own space, away from the little kids, that recognizes their need to be acknowledged as real, thinking, almost teenagers. Quest children meet in the basement level of the Sanctuary building in their separate boys and girls classrooms. 
We meet at 10.05 every Sunday morning. Please walk your preteen down and sign them up on our computer check-in system on your first visit. After that, they may check themselves in and meet you at a designated place after classes are over, or you can pick them up between 10.50 and 10.55. If you'd like to know more about our program or would like to join us, contact Kendra Bremer
Our Quest leaders love this age group unconditionally with a love only God can give. They are ready to accept preteens where they are and help them take their faith to the next level. These kids are growing and maturing rapidly in every area of life. Our Sunday school teachers want to make sure they grow and mature even more spiritually and learn to depend on Christ!