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Mother's Day Out and Preschool

Welcome to First Presbyterian Mother’s Day Out and Preschool

The Mother’s Day Out and Preschool Program at First Presbyterian Church is a ministry of the church to children and their parents. It is our desire for this ministry to provide the highest quality, Christ-centered care for your child with extremely low child/teacher ratios.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year has been held. For program availability or more information on our MDO and Preschool, please contact our director, Whitney Weiner ( or 225.620.0245).

Quick Facts

  • Monday-Thursday from 9 am - 2 pm
  • 2 or 4 day per week programs (Monday-Thursday. Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Ages: 6 months-Pre-K (must be 6 months old by September of the enrollment year)
  • Program runs late August-May (starts prior to Labor Day)
  • Low child/teacher ratios (with small class sizes and two full-time teachers in each class)
  • Video surveillance security system

Mission Statement

It is our desire and responsibility to provide a safe, nurturing Christ-centered environment where each child can develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially just as Jesus did. “And Jesus increased in wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2: 52).”


Our Mother’s Day Out and Preschool Program at First Presbyterian Church is a ministry of the church to children and their parents. It is our desire that this ministry provides the highest quality, Christ-centered care for your child. We welcome you to our program and appreciate your confidence in us.

The MDO staff strives to provide an educational program with developmentally appropriate, intellectually stimulating and spiritually nurturing learning opportunities that seek to prepare your child for academic success. We know each child is uniquely created in the image of God and seek to meet the needs of the individual child in a group setting. We have a keen appreciation that each child has a rate and pattern of growth specific to themselves, and in that respect, each child is different from every other child. When a child is ready, they will walk, talk, read and perform academic and physical functions with ease. In planning our program, we look at where the child is now, not where we think he/she should be. Our goal is to give each child an opportunity to grow according to God’s plan, at his/her own pace, and to develop a “joy for life.” We want each child to know God loves them, and that Jesus is their special friend. Our sincere desire is that in all that we do, the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is glorified.

Click Here for Parent Testimonies

First Presbyterian MDO came highly recommended and we have been so blessed by this ministry. The teachers love the children and they provide a nurturing environment for them to learn and grow physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. My children love MDO! They’ve learned so much and I love hearing them sing the praise and worship songs they’ve learned there. I’m so happy that our family attends First Presbyterian MDO and Preschool. It has enriched all of our lives and has blessed us abundantly. 

Lauren B.


We started our children at First Presbyterian MDO a few years ago. Ever since, we have watched our children receive unconditional love and support all along the way. Every single person in that building: teachers, staff, custodians, helpers, etc. have always made us feel warm and welcome. We watched our children thrive in a beautiful, loving, warm environment. Both have learned so much over the years not only academically but socially and for this we all feel blessed. Seeing our children get excited to go to school every day has never made us question our decision to send them to MDO. We are blessed beyond belief and thank God for everyone in the MDO ministry.

The L. Walker Family


I cannot say enough good things about First Presbyterian MDO and Preschool. I have had a child in the program for 6 straight years and we’ve seen every classroom. I have loved every single teacher we have had. They genuinely care about the children so I feel very comfortable leaving my child. The classrooms are kept clean. The families I have met will always be considered friends. It’s such a great place for kids to make friendships, learn about God and learn so many important skills to give them a good foundation before beginning big school. My children have been very prepared for the social skills and academic curriculums in big school after leaving. It makes me sad to know one day my children will outgrow First Presbyterian. 

Kate M.


Mother's Day Out at First Presbyterian has been a refreshing experience for my family. There are so many facets to the program that I could praise but what stands out the most to me is the devotion, patience and professionalism of the staff.  

As a former educator I truly believe that the teacher is who determines the entire tone for the classroom. Every single teacher over the last three years at First Presbyterian has poured into each of my children emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.  Even the long-standing substitutes are one of a kind! 

The Prek3 program has taught my daughter so much in such a short time. Her teachers challenge her thinking, welcome her ideas, encourage independence and spark creativity. The foundations have been well laid as I remember her specifically coming home well-versed in what hibernation was after a certain unit in the two year old class! My husband and I were so impressed!

We love the safe environment FPCMDO has created! We love the dynamic staff and their genuine hearts! We love the fruits of their labor and the impact they have had on our children. 

Anna P.


We have been a part of First Presbyterian MDO since my son was 1 year old. He is now 4 and has "grown up" in the program and we couldn’t be more pleased. He has been loved, cared for, encouraged and of course has learned new things every year. Even on days when we have had issues regarding separation, the staff is so loving to him. He runs down the hall most days, anxious to get into class now. The staff and faculty truly love the children and go the extra distance to show up for them in any way they can. The teachers are very qualified as well. First Presbyterian MDO is truly an extension of our family and every year has been a blessing to my child.’

Kelley P.


The teachers and staff of the First Presbyterian MDO have gone above and beyond to help support my family and my preschooler. She has been able to thrive not just academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually as well. The teachers and staff at First Presbyterian MDO have done an excellent job nurturing curiosity, creativity and classroom engagement in my preschooler. Not only has my child been blessed by MDO, but as a parent, I have been blessed too. I firmly believe there is not a better program in the city that provides such a loving and nurturing environment for my preschooler to learn and thrive. My daughter comes home singing and talking about the love and faithfulness of God and His character in ways I know didn’t come from me but from school! I’m so thankful for the nurturing Christian environment First Presbyterian provides to support my daughter not just academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually as well.

Rebecca L.


As a new mom, I was uneducated about the early registration period and had contacted Whitney months after they had completed registration. She was extremely kind and compassionate toward me and stated she would notify me at the beginning of the school year if a space became available. I remember getting off the phone and praying. I prayed that if God wanted Ruby to attend First Presbyterian he would have to make a way. And Spoiler alert . . .  he did! That was four years ago! Time certainly flies and Ruby graduated from the Pre-K program this past May. The staff and every teacher at First Presbyterian have poured into my sweet little girl as if she were their own. I never once worried while she was in their care, because I knew she was good hands. And as a mom, that’s all I wanted. I can’t begin to thank them for all their kindness, compassion and love for my baby girl. They are truly some of God’s angels here on earth. (side note: thank goodness for the birth of Ruby’s sister because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them just yet... haha. So thankful that, God willing, we’ll get to spend another four years with them! ) 

Sommer F.


Our teachers use a theme-based curriculum that strives to provide each child with the opportunity to grow and learn. Children enjoy developmentally appropriate activities and “hands-on” learning experiences that seek to develop the skills necessary to be successful when they enter kindergarten. Since children naturally learn through play, our curriculum allows an enriched play experience that fosters a love of learning. 

Our day is filled with planned and spontaneous moments of learning including:

  • Circle Time with story time, songs, music and finger plays
  • Activity Time with planned art activities, learning centers, sensory activities and more. 
  • Chapel Time with weekly Bible stories, songs and prayer that share God’s Word and his love
  • Play: Outdoor and/or indoor play time in the gym during inclement weather and a balance between structured and unstructured play time
  • Updated Playground Facilities - We have a toddler playground and separate playground for preschool age.

Snack:  The program will provide a daily morning snack.

Lunch:  Parents provide lunch daily for their child. Finger foods that are ready to serve are requested. Milk or water is served at lunch which is provided by MDO & Preschool.

*If a child requires a special snack or drink, parents will provide.
*Our program is nut-free.

Nap time:  Toddler age and older will need a nap mat for afternoon nap and/or rest time.

Enrichment Classes

King's Praise Creative Movement: Class is held on Wednesdays for children in our Bees, Monkeys and Tigers preschool classes.  
Spanish: Offered once a week (typically Thursdays) for 30 minutes during program hours. There is an additional charge and parents may contact Elizabeth Johnson at
TOT Basketball Program: Children ages 3 and older that are potty-trained may choose to participate in an after-school program from 2-2.45 pm. There is an additional cost. Please contact Sissy for more information.
Teddy Tennis: Children ages 3 and older that are potty-trained may choose to participate in an after-school program from  2-2.45 pm. There is an additional cost. Please visit for more information.
Rhythm and Roll: Children ages 3 and older may participate in this unique skating program offered indoors at our gym. Class is offered after school three times a month from 2 – 2.35. Please contact Megan at for more information.


Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum follows a modified version of the Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum from the Louisiana State Department of Education. For more detailed information on our pre-k curriculum, click here.

Chapel Time

We are a ministry of the church, desiring that each child grows in their awareness of God’s love for them. Our children gather together weekly for Chapel Time which consists of a Bible story, song and prayer all of which share God’s Word and his love with them. Teachers retell the Bible story during the week and plan activities that correlate with that week’s Bible story.