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Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Beyond Worship

Sanctuary Building, 220
10.10 am
Many participants of Kingdom Builders say they learn something every week! Ryan Dickerson leads this class with excellence. Every week you know he wants you to learn because a robust outline of the discussion awaits you on the dry erase board. Whether teaching on a book of the Bible or a book discussing practical Christian living, this lecture-style class equips everyone to walk deeply with Christ. An added bonus is the spread of breakfast foods provided with hot carafes of coffee.
Sanctuary Building, 219
10.10 am
This class first began five years ago as a gathering for young marrieds but has blossomed into a class for all ages. Often discussing how the historical beliefs of the Church intersect with our modern world, this class enjoys digging into theological doctrine. But the Journeys class isn’t only intellectual. Each Sunday is led in such a way as to promote discussion and learning. Kyle Beall and Shawn Wilson give excellent leadership to this class and would love to have you attend.

The CrossRoads class will resume Sunday, January 7
Education Building, 202
10.10 am
This class enjoys the richness of journeying together in life and the Scriptures. Every week when they take prayer requests, you can feel their love for one another as they have raised their kids together, worked in the community together and lived life arm-in-arm. Barry Phillips teaches with the wonderful warmth and wisdom of a man who has dedicated his life to pursuing Christ. This class is family to one another and would love to have you join in!
Education Building, 302 (Library)
10.10 am
Pastor Scott Graham leads our newest Sunday school class whose members have quickly formed very deep bonds with one another as they study the Scriptures week after week. With his insight into God’s Word and a gift for allowing participants to really process in the moment what they are learning, many have found this class a welcome refuge on Sunday mornings. Come join Scott in the library of the Education building for this beautiful Sunday school community.
Education Building Room, 202
9 am
This class is affectionately known as the “Tom & Jerry” class because of the service of two giants of the faith here at First Presbyterian, Tom Sawyer and Jerry Stovall. This class is building on their good foundation with a new crop of gifted teachers. This group loves being fed the Word and talks deeply about how the Word applies to them practically. All who call this class home appreciate that when prayer requests are shared, they know their brothers and sisters are lifting them up faithfully.