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Refueling Through Fellowship

Let's see. An average day in the life of a mother of young children: Make coffee, make beds (if time), change diapers, brush teeth and hair (don't forget self), sign homework papers, wipe up spill, grab breakfast to go, spend 20 minutes loading up car, wipe up another spill, drop off 5-year-old at school, go to grocery, realize 2-year-old doesn't have shoes on... And it's only 8 am. So when Thursday morning rolls around, there is nothing I'd rather do than to refuel in fellowship with my Mothers of Little Ones group (MoLo), to be rescued from life's many distractions and focus on Scripture.

It has been such a blessing for me to lead such a strong group of women each week who are hungry for the gospel. I honestly don't know how I would survive this season of life without this beautiful community of women to lean on, study with, pray with, laugh with and even cry with. I'm in awe of their insight, the comments shared and questions raised, all of which push us deeper into our understanding of our Father. Madeline Ellis told me, "I always leave grounded in the Word, renewed in spirit and tethered more tightly to women I love and trust more every day." And Lindsey Cotton has said, "MoLo is an answered prayer in my life. This group has provided lifelong friendships and a deep study of God's Word. To be able to pray for your fellow sister in Christ and encourage one another is truly a gift." I echo both of these women's sentiments. I love being connected to each of these women through prayer and study, and I leave every week feeling so re-energized and inspired by each of them.

The majority of the women in MoLo are in their 20s and 30s with younger children. Our fall semester starts on Thursday, September 10 from 9.30-11 am, and we will be studying Ephesians. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at