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Memorial Garden Expansion

Several years ago my daughter, Molly, and I were driving down to the Purple Cow on Jones Creek Road. As we were about to pass Resthaven Cemetery, where both my mom and dad were buried, I suggested we turn in and visit their grave sites for a brief prayer time. To my disappointment (and frustration), it took us over 20 minutes to find them. We’d not been to Resthaven for almost nine years!
Becky and I have plans to be cremated and our remains placed in our church’s very own Memorial Garden. It’s becoming a “high demand” bit of real estate. It is a beautiful, quiet, even reverent place to visit. We first opened it ten years ago. The initial banks of niches (the holding place for the urns) is already almost filled with the urns of First Presbyterian family members. It is so easy to visit and spend quiet “remembrance” time. And it is less expensive than a traditional cemetery plot. It is intentionally accessible so that one can visit a loved one’s burial niche at any time.
Our session approved the addition of a second phase of niches which were completed a couple of months ago; a good thing since there is but one niche remaining available in the original site. So we have 80 “homes” in the original phase. We have 78 available now remaining in phase two. 
If you’ve not yet visited our Memorial Garden or considered this an option to traditional cemetery burial, you owe it to yourself to take a look. You’ll be impressed. For more information contact Sherry Tucker ( or 225.387.0617). She would love to send you a packet.