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First Thoughts Blog

Author: Annette Lamond, FPC Director, Kids Hope USA

Bringing Hope! Sharing Hope! Growing Hope!

January is National Mentoring Month. With joyful thanks to our God and the 18 FPC Mentors and Prayer Partners, Kids Hope USA celebrates its partnership with Gardere Community Christian School. We do not always know what these children are going through but we do know your generous gifts of prayers, time and attention to a caring relationship brings much HOPE to make a remarkable difference for these children!

How do we see the difference? It is seen in the teacher who gratefully shares,“I can really see a difference in my students.” In the many “thank yous.” In the smiles. In the increased effort to do better academically. In the student’s excitement to meet with their mentor. In the chance to be heard and encouraged. In character growing. In the joy of playing a game. In the security of being safe. In the casual conversations. In the prayers, the hope and so much more!
Please join us in prayers of thanks and praise for the three remaining 1st grade students hoping for a mentor, for additional building space for GCCS and for Kids Hope USA to continue to be embraced, to expand and to excel.
Thank you for sharing the love of Christ and bringing HOPE! 
“This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God” [2 Corinthians 9: 12].
Annette Lamond, Kids Hope USA Director   
First Presbyterian Church
Our Mission:
Kids Hope USA builds life-changing relationships one at a time: One Child. One Hour. One Church. One School.
Our Belief:
We believe in Jesus’ way.
Our Values:
Children: Because every child matters.
Relationships: Because love is only possible person to person.
Faithfulness: Because if I say I will, I will.
Prayer: Because it is our language of hope.
Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world . . .  they are precious in his sight!
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First Presbyterian and Kids Hope USA

Why does the wealthiest nation in the world have the highest rate of teen suicides, incarcerations and pregnancies? These are the questions Virgil Gulker asked himself 25 years ago. After conducting research, Gulker determined that one hour, one-on-one sessions between an elementary-age child and a loving adult could change the trajectory of that student’s future. Thus, Kids Hope USA was founded; a faith-based mentoring program offering effective training, prayer and support for the volunteer mentors. 
In September 2019, First Presbyterian Church officially partnered with Kids Hope USA by committing to be a positive influence at Gardere Community Christian School. We currently have eight volunteers but the goal is to mentor 50 students and make a positive, hope-filled difference. 
Here is a testimony about a successful Kids Hope USA mentor/mentee relationship. When Mr. Layne cautiously became a Kids Hope USA mentor, he had no idea the impact it would have. He was matched with Terrance, a 2nd grade boy who was recommended to KHUSA as his father had sadly been killed in a shooting. Soon after, Layne’s brother died and the two helped console each other. They met once a week, did some school work, played games and talked about making good choices. Mrs. Ginger, another Kids Hope USA volunteer, prayed for them.  
A great relationship was blooming, when Terrance’s mother felt it best to move back to Alabama.  Layne and Terrance kept in touch through emails and phone calls. Mrs. Ginger continued to pray.
Fast forward to June 2018. Layne received an invitation for he and his family to attend Terrance’s high school graduation; with a football scholarship!  
Kids Hope USA believes that some are called to be a mentor or prayer partner. If you believe you are being called, please contact Annette Lamond, Kids Hope USA Director and member of First Presbyterian Church ( or 225.773.8745).