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First Thoughts Blog

Author: Dee Adams

Stepping Down As Director of BRCCC

It has been the biggest honor of my life to serve as the founding director of Baton Rouge Christian Counseling Center. BRCCC started July 1, 1991 and I step down on July 1, 2021; exactly 30 years to the day. I came when I was 37 with big hair and am now 67 battling gray hair.  On the first of July, I will give the reins of the Center over to the very able hands of one of our counselors, Sherry Kadair, MA, LPC.  
My ministry was the ministry of showing up year after year. There’s something to be said for just showing up and getting to see first-hand what God had in store for YOUR Counseling Center. And he had much in store! I’ve witnessed the coming and going of the 17,000 clients that he brought to BRCCC. Because of Russ Stevenson’s, and later Gerrit’s support, the Center has been able to provide more than 145,000 client hours. And we’ve only just begun.  
I’ve also witnessed the coming and going of many FPC and BRCCC staff, many gifted Christian counselors and many, many wonderful BRCCC Board of Governor members over 30 years. 
I’ve had tremendous support from the church, this awesome church. I’m blessed to be able to continue counseling here as I shed the administrative part of my job. And I’ll continue leading the “Created for Connection” couples’ workshops – with one at FPC in October. I’m so very thankful. I can’t say that enough.   
Although I’m not a member, given my 30 years, my husband Pete and I have been granted special permission to be buried in the FPC Columbarium, which sits just below the window where I counsel. For now I will continue to be a part-time counselor at BRCCC and I will one day be buried there–so I will be at First Presbyterian for a long time!